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October 25, 2021

In-app events, changed purchasing rules and basic contact information requests

Apple has updated their App Store Review Guidelines with new info about in-app events, changes to rules about targeting individuals regarding purchasing methods other than in-app purchases and new info about requests for basic contact information.

Appleā€™s own summary can be found here.

The complete set of changes can be seen below:

  • 2.3 Accurate Metadata
    • 2.3.13 In-app events are timely events that happen within your app. To feature your event on the App Store, it must fall within an event type provided in App Store Connect. All event metadata must be accurate and pertain to the event itself, rather than the app more generally. Events must happen at the times and dates you select in App Store Connect, including across multiple storefronts. You may monetize your event so long as you follow the rules set forth in Section 3 on Business. And your event deep link must direct users to the proper destination within your app. Read In-App Events for detailed guidance on acceptable event metadata and event deep links.
  • 3.1 Payments
    • 3.1.3 Other Purchase Methods: The following apps may use purchase methods other than in-app purchase. Apps in this section cannot, within the app, encourage users to use a purchasing method other than in-app purchase. Developers cannot use information obtained withincan send communications outside of the app to target individual users outside of the app to usetheir user base about purchasing methods other than in-app purchase (such as sending an individual user an email about other purchasing methods after that individual signs up for an account within the app). Developers can send communications outside of the app to their user base about purchasing methods other than in-app purchase.
  • 5.1 Privacy
    • 5.1.1 Data Collection and Storage
      • (x) Apps may request basic contact information (such as name and email address) so long as the request is optional for the user, features and services are not conditional on providing the information, and it complies with all other provisions of these guidelines, including limitations on collecting information from kids.